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Original Research

Not just Google search. I drill down to niche forums, collect uncensored tone from reviews, stats, and influential quotes. Opinionated content to build Authority

Giving a Unique Spin

Internet is saturated with content.
To position you as Thought Leader, I bring envisaging examples & spicy opinions.
Making Content to ACT.

Semantic SEO-Friendly

3rd Most crucial ranking factor. And not every writer's cup of tea.
(that's what my 1.8 years experience say)

Heeere I come!

1.8+ years in the business | 19+ Clients | 37+ Articles Published. Very probable I might be writing or designing while you are reading about me, on my very website. Meet - I - Arpit Agarwal (friends call me Mr. AA)
Arpit Agarwal who manages blog no degree learn

Arpit Agarwal (Mr. AA)

SEO Copywriter | Designer | Extrovert

I'm student of MNNIT Allahabad. I work 9-5 but no weekends. My laptop has become pro in switching from Ms-Docs to Chrome to Photoshop. I work from Home every day, but my content drives your office employees to work further.

Let's hear from my clients

My recent clients. Read how my services upscaled their business organically. (Full Transparency — clicking the pictures will take you to their social profiles)
Ravi Agarwal is the Arpit's Client

Ravi Agarwal

Vice Dean at O.P. Jindal | Ex-Finance Head at BIMTECH & Great Lakes

I assigned a content researching and writing job to Arpit last year. What was amazed to see his respect to deadlines. He always delivered before the mutually fixed deadline. He did a wonderful job by remaining original. A quick Turnitin check didn't exceed sever percent. His understanding of the language is professional. I will certainly outsource him my next series of lecture notes.

Thejasvini is the Arpit's client

Thejasvini HG

Founder at Aarna Tech Solutions | 10+ Years experience in recruitment industry

Arpit has managed my social media platform for 30 days.
His content did receive a good response from my network. He write content engagingly. But what I liked most, he always keep a track on the progress of my platform. This helped me to generate leads for my business

Gurdayal Singh

Gurdayal Singh

Founder at Guide4info | Technical Consultant | 170k+ Followers

Arpit's approach in writing the content is quite impressive
And content he produced for my blog guide4info was excellent even though it first article on my site. His article brought over 300 visitors on my blog

Mukul Tiwari is the Arpit's client

Mukul Tiwari

PhD from University of Birmingham | Mater's from Trinity College of Dublin | IITD

I outsurced my proofrading task of research paper to Arpit (I call him Mr. AA). Since being a research student, proofreading papers is a must task but I always got scared on papers getting leaked or sold to third party person.
I met Arpit on Lucknow for some passport related work where I got to know he also proofread articles. From that meeting, since I got familiar about his nature, I thought of outsourcing the work to him.
And I never hear any doc getting leaked, and he always give the document within the mutual deadlines. The bonus part here is, my all the expenses of outsourcing from Big mouth companies got cut to some euros.
I strongly recommend Arpit for outsourcing your proofreading task of your research work

Harshita is the Arpit's client

Harshita Singh

B2B Marketing Associate - Times Internet | IIM Lucknow | NIT Allahabad

I have had the opportunity of knowing Arpit during one of my freelance project on content marketing and I must say that it has been a great experience working with him. He is a sharp thinker, a detail-oriented analyst, and a passionate content creator whose skills shine through original creations as much as the works that he edits. I am highly impressed by his ability to create quality original content such as blogs, articles, and so on, which cater to both broad and niche audiences. He is both punctual and observant about every task assigned to him and has delivered up to my expectations every single time. I sincerely wish him success in all his future endeavours!

Vivek Mishra is the Arpit's client

Vivek Mishra

Founder of Basic Eduventures | Content Writer at Maven Clusters

Arpit has worked for my startup Basic Eduventures for 40 days. During the interim, he submitted over 15000 words of Quality Copywriting content. I wish him all the best for his writing journey.

Tushar is the Arpit's client

Tushar Manchanda

founder of Cravings and Calories vlogs | Advocate

Arpit is a hard working dedicated guy, he assisted us on Search engine optimisation for our YouTube channel (cravingsandcalories vlogs) and so far his inputs were very valuable to us. He is very cooperative and zealous to his work, we wish him best for future endeavours.

Subho is the Arpit's client

Subho Das

Digital Marketer | FB Ad Expert

I've worked with Arpit on a Fitness Sales Page. Throughout the project, he was ethical and maintained a good communication. In synopsis, title writing, his research, and sales page structure was spot on. I'd strongly recommend Arpit, for your next copywriting work.

Aashay Raut is the Arpit's client

Aashay Raut

Affiliate Marketer | Gautam Buddha Univ.

Arpit worked with for over 3 months. In that interim, he produced 17 Affiliate blogs. I liked the engaging tone in the content and communicative attitude.

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